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We’re Uknighted, A Creative Video Agency

We’re a video production company dedicated to telling compelling stories behind brands and businesses. We aim to entertain and create actionable, relatable content for higher engagement.

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Featured video

A1A Solar: Key Cargo Documentary

A short documentary highlighting the installation of a large solar panel project at a cargo shipping warehouse.
Directed, Shot, and Edited by Xhon Dang
Produced by Aristotle Montemayor
A Uknighted Media Production

Our Recent Projects

Produced with consumers in mind

A1A Solar: Key Cargo 5:34

We captured and highlighted a large solar installation by a commercial & residential solar company in a unique, storytelling way.

Directed by Xhon Dang
Produced by Aristotle Montemayor

A1A Solar: Earth Works 2:41

A highlight showcasing a solar installation for a prestigious garden center. Narrated by a commercial solar consultant, Alex McKellop.

Directed by Xhon Dang
Produced by Aristotle Montemayor

Crane Ramen: Yelp Elite Event 1:01

Highlight footage captured for a Yelp Elite event hosted at Crane Ramen.

Directed by Xhon Dang
Produced by Aristotle Montemayor

Our Director

Xhon Dang

Xhon (John) Dang has 10+ years of production experience in cinematography, visual effects, post-production, directing, writing, lighting, etc. Xhon bounced around all areas in video production to learn the in’s and out’s of what it takes to make a solid production from start-to-finish. He feels as a director and leader of a production he needed to have a firm understanding of all the fundamentals of filmmaking to make better productions, execute his ideas clearly and efficiently to his crew, and can jump in when he needs to solve any problem and overcome any obstacle.

Xhon's Skills
  • Directing
  • Video Editing
  • Cinematography
  • Sound Design
  • Color Grading
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Graphics
  • Lighting






Before Color Grading

We typically shoot in a flat, neutral color profile that allows us more control and manipulation in the color process in post-production. This still here is from a video we produced for Wicked Barley Brewing Company.

After color grading

Colored in Premiere Pro. The image has more contrast, depth, and focus on the beer with complementary colors at play.