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Data First. Video Second.

We are a video production company based in Jacksonville, Florida that is data-driven and focuses on creating marketable content for your business. To be completely honest? Our heart and passions have always revolved around video production but we’re smart enough to understand that video content for business needs to be backed by data for effective marketing and better advertising. We aim to provide a healthy balance between visually appealing and creative content from an artist’s viewpoint, and informative, professional, and data-driven content from a business standpoint.

What the hell is data-driven?

Caucasian women between the ages 30-50 living in Orlando, Florida that are stay-at-home moms with a household income of $80,000.00 that purchase a majority of groceries and household appliances online.
Teenage males (African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic) between 13-30 in the US that love basketball and are Lebron James fans.

Data. Without data, you’ll be producing generalized content and throwing darts in the dark. Data is why we love internet marketing and advertising so much. Television commercials aren’t heavily data-based. Not only is the attention not there, but the commercials displayed are often times irrelevant to the view when their attention is actually there. Take me for example. A single, caucasian male residing in Jacksonville, Florida. Why am I getting advertisements for tampons? Why am I getting advertisements for diapers? Why am I getting advertisements for a company that works locally in Tampa, Florida? All irrelevant to me. There’s limited target advertising when it comes to commercials. Not only is it overpriced, but advertising on TV is too generalized. The Internet is personalized.

We’ve always said cable providers and televisions should be able to come with optional user profiles so that with algorithmic learning to deliver content to the user that is most relatable. However, with the way TV commercial advertising is currently set up, it’s not doable. There’s needs to be a slow shift of where the advertising dollars come in that keep the TV stations alive. More on that another time.

Market research produces data. Data produces marketable content that sells.

As video production professionals and marketers, it’s important for us to know these key variables among many other factors:

Who are you? What products or services do you sell? Where do you sell your products or services? How long have you been in business? Who buys from you the most, where, and when? Who’s your biggest competitor? Who’s your second biggest competitor? Your third? Now ask all the same questions from the beginning paragraph about your competitors and find the answers.

Companies like 20th Century Fox have only recently in the past few years went against gut instinct and started producing films based on data. They are more of a data-driven organization now than they ever have been. Being more consumer-focused and paying attention to the type of content people consume allows a large production company like 20th Century produce marketable and sellable content.

That’s what we do.

We’re focused on consumer behavior. We research your market, competitors, and customers to give us targets that will allow us to produce strong video content to hit said targets. We’re not going to make something because we think it’s cool. We’re going to produce marketable video content that creates and engagement and starts conversations in hopes of selling. No one can guarantee sales or a certain amount of sales. No one can guarantee engagement or a certain amount of engagement. If they do they’re lying or have harmful that will actually hurt your business versus help it and you should walk away. There are no guarantees of anything in life or in business. All you can do is adapt and react. Roll with the punches, take hits when you have to, then hit back 10x harder.

It’s weird, isn’t it? Coming to a video production company’s website only to read more about data than actual video production. We are calculated business professionals that produce marketable video content targeting your largest consumer market. We’re not jackasses who just bought a video camera a year ago and watched a couple youtube videos on how to press record. We’re professionals with over ten years of video production experience that have amassed a large number of resources, tools, and skills to produce engaging, professional content to put you and your company’s best foot forward.

If you’d like to work with our team or at least inquire about our video production services, reach out to us by using the form below. We’d like to learn more about you and your goals and to see how our team could be a good fit for you.

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