A1A Solar Contracting | Earth Works Garden Center
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Job overview

A1A Solar Contracting, Inc. was hired by Earth Works Garden Center to install a 36.6 kw solar panel system. Earth Works was seeking to go more environmentally friendly. Seeing as they’re a garden center that sells plants and ponds, the choice to go solar was a no-brainer.  A1A Solar hired Uknighted Media to highlight, document, and interview both parties to put together a documentary style piece highlighting their work for their commercial marketing.


screenshot from a1a solar video production


Our direction

Seeing as the video was about a solar panel system installation at a family owned commercial garden center, we wanted the video to be bright, professional, and inspirational. It was important to highlight the progress of the installation, capture atmospheric b-roll footage around the garden center, a brief interview and testimonial of the owners of Earth Works, and go airborne with our drone to get cinematic shots of the solar panels on the roof. We wanted to choose a song that started out with a moderate pace that increased in energy and power over the duration of the video. This is a common formula we follow in almost all of the video content we produce, similar to a “bell curve”. We start off moderately, increase in power, reach the peak of the bell curve, then back to a moderate pace which is where the video will have closing statements leading to the outro and end credits.



To match the feel of clean energy, protecting the environment, solar, and nature, we went with more saturated, vibrant, and bright colors for color grading the footage. Saturated blues and greens, shots of the nursery and garden, shots of solar flares throughout the video, complementary blues and oranges, etc. It was important for us to be mindful of the way we shot the footage (practically all of it being shot at a high frame rate for slow motion except the interviews and aerials), the colors we chose, and the music and pacing we went with as all of it contributed to how A1A Solar would be using this video and who they would be marketing it to. Which is why it was also important for us to include Alex McKellop, a Commercial Solar Consultant for A1A Solar, narrating part of the video as this piece content would be used for marketing and advertising to business owners in similar industries.

Crew and Gear

Director, DOP, and Editor: Xhon Dang
Producer and Photographer: Aristotle Montemayor
Production Company: Uknighted Media
Shot on: Panasonic Lumix GH5
Lenses: Panasonic Lumix G 25 MM 1.7 & Canon 50 MM 1.8
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro 4K
Client: A1A Solar Contracting, Inc. in Jacksonville, FL
Location: Earth Works Garden Center, Jacksonville, FL

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